‘challenge’ mystery, uncovered! Laurel reveals the contents of her burn book [sneak peek]

In “Mean Girls,” the pages of the infamous “Burn Book” were reserved for horrible rumors written in poison pen, so what’s in “Challenge” competitor Laurel‘s version?

Zach, who spotted Laurel feverishly scribbling in her trusty notepad on more than one occasion in Uruguay, predicted she had a hit list or spell book brewing, but now, in the “Challenge: Free-For-All” clip below, the often ruthless vet comes clean about its actual contents.

“If you could read a page, you’d be shocked,” she says to Jordan and Zach. “It’s mostly positive.”

WHAT?! The woman who cheered for someone other than her BFF Cara Maria in last week’s episode is composing sunshiny verses? The very same cast member who vowed to show no mercy to Theresa is spewing literary rainbows? Whaddyaknow!

Zach, meanwhile, explains that his fascination with the diary stemmed from the fact that there was very little to do in the “Challenge” house — and that boredom would often lead to paranoia.

“When someone’s writing, it’s just like a big, fat pimple that you just notice more,” he semi-jokes, adding that watching Laurel in the act put more than a few dark thoughts in his head. “‘Wonder what she’s writing about. Maybe I’m going home tomorrow. Maybe I’m gonna die. Maybe she put rat poison in the food.’”

Watch the sneak peek for the next episode below and don’t miss an all-new “Free Agents” Thursday night at 10e/7p!