‘challenge’: does dustin have a right to force trishelle out of the game?

With her teammate Alton eliminated from "Battle Of The Seasons," Trishelle is the only old school vet left among the show’s cast. But if Vegas‘ remaining male, Dustin, has anything to say about it, she won’t be there for much longer. Pissed that Nany was knocked out of the competition after Trishelle refused to step up to The Arena, Dustin vowed to quit the game and take Trishelle with him on tonight’s episode. But do you think he’ll really follow through with hitting the road, and does he have the right?

"I will not work with you anymore," Dustin told Trishelle bluntly, tossing her olive branch to the wayside. To some, Trishelle’s move might have been sneaky, but in the Screening Room clip below, Evan says Trishelle’s Arena-evasion is only proof that she’s a smart player. "Trishelle is a true vet," he comments to his co-host, Paula. "She’s going, ‘I’m going in, I’m going in,’ then as soon as they’re like, ‘All right, it’s time to go in,’ she’s like, ‘No–not going in.’" Finally–the secret to first place!

+ What do you think–should Dustin walk and make Team Vegas history, or should he learn to swallow his pride and hang tough? Watch the video and sound off in the comments!