‘challenge’ champs frank and zach wish you a merry christmas [photo]

These days, San Diego’s Zach and Frank definitely have something to smile about. The boys just came into a pretty hefty sum of cash when they won “The Challenge,” and if the above picture is any indication, 250k was enough to bury any beef they may have had in the past. They’re positively glowing!

Earlier today, Zach tweeted the photo, which was taken during the reunion special, to spread some holiday cheer to his fans. “Merry Christmas from a couple champions.. @MTVFrankSweeney #twistedsisters #sissies,” the tweet read. Sissies, is it? Their bromance (or ladymance, we guess) is more serious than we thought!

We can’t think of a better way to enter into a holiday weekend than with Frank’s festive shirt and Zach’s Sears smile. Watch out, Kardashians, there’s a new Christmas card on the way!

Photo: @ZachMTV