‘challenge’ champ paula ‘walnuts’ meronek ties the knot – see wedding pics!

The last time we saw Paula “Walnuts” Meronek in a wedding dress, she was lamenting her silver medal finish in the “Race to the Altar” challenge during “Battle of the Exes,” but this weekend, she and her white gown were second to none. After announcing her engagement to Jack Beckert in December and sharing news that she was pregnant in February, Paula and her main man officially tied the knot on Saturday, and we have to say — we’ve never seen her look so happy. Those two “Challenge” wins? Peanuts compared to this bliss.


This shot deserves some prime photo album real estate.

“#perfectday thanks to all our friends and family for making it the best day of our lives…we are truly blessed,” Paula wrote alongside an Instagram photo that shows her and Jack with “I do” and “Me too” inscriptions on the bottoms of their shoes. (Wonder if they looked to Kailyn and Javi of “Teen Mom 2” for creative inspiration?) The couple’s hands are adorably intertwined over the bride’s baby bump.

Paula seems to have finally gotten her fairytale ending, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. After the weekend-long celebration, it’s no surprise she woke up this morning and made a Twitter oath to blow off any and all housework. You deserve as much, Walnuts — a big congrats!

Check out pics from the wedding, and wish Paula and Jack the best!


“One great man giving me away to another,” Paula captioned this photo.

Photos courtesy of Paula Meronek’s Instagram