Five times celebrities reminded us that body hair stigma was the pits

“Long hair don’t care” has long been a favorite idgaf battle cry, but the newest trend of letting the rest of your body hair fly free is something we’ve really grown to love.

There’s something so liberating about seeing people choose not to go along with a standard of beauty that doesn’t jive with their lifestyles: Shaving every day can be a hassle (also: itchy and painful) and no one should ever feel like they need to remove hair to feel beautiful. It’s all about your body, your hair and your choice.

We’ve found just a few of the bad-ass ladies who’ve rejected the razor and grown out their body hair over the years to give you some summer #LetItGrow inspo. Feel free to read it now or shave it for later.

5. This is nothing new.

The stigma around armpit hair has been around for a while, but so have ladies who challenge it: Italian film actress Sophia Lauren flaunted this trend way back in the 50’s, and the cover of Patti Smith Group’s album “Easter” has some #iconic 1970’s fur going on too.

4. Lisa Bonet has always been cooler than all of us.

In times of uncertainty, it’s always refreshing to look to my elementary school style icon: Lisa Bonet (aka Denise Huxtable.) Bonet never had shame about the hair that came out of her body and damn did she make it look good.

3. Ditto for you, Beth.

2010 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival - Day 2
While rocking the stage, the lead singer of the band Gossip, Beth Ditto, has also rocked some insanely awesome shades of fuzz under her arms.

2. Madonna’s strands took a stand for art.

On her instagram, Madge revealed her very blonde hair for the hashtag #artforfreedom. It’s a throwback to her high school days where, as she told Harper’s Bazaar, she refused to conform to the rigid standards of beauty and was bullied for it. But, like, look who’s laughing now?

1. She’s just being Miley.

Miley’s cotton candy-colored hair (while being majorly on-trend in just about every way) offers a kind of “no f-cks given” expression of individuality: Rejecting not only the idea that her hair shouldn’t be there, but that it can’t be beautiful.

Stay weird, Miley. Please stay weird forever.