Caught on gif: snooki and jwoww’s double date from hell


Getting the wrong end of a cow udder is never a good look.

Everyone’s born with some sort of talent, and it turns out Snooki and JWOWW excel at looking positively horrified by even the smallest trigger. After finally recovering from their tour of an abandoned insane asylum, the girls mistakenly assumed a trip to a dude ranch would be more lighthearted, but as soon as a stray milk stream from an eager cow udder showered JWOWW, the terror of the trip set in. And if animal follies weren’t foul enough, Roger and Jionni decided their little getaway was the perfect time to go into full-on prank mode.

Yup, aside from planting all sorts of creepy crawlies for Snooki to find, the guys were ruthless in their quest to leave their loved ones screaming, and wow, can those ladies scream. They yelped along a country road, they flipped their sh** around a romantic campfire and they shrieked up and down their lodge’s hallways. Halloween 2014 is a world away, but in case you need some inspiration between now and then, we’ve collected Nicole’s and Jenni’s many frights for your GIF-viewing pleasure. Behold the kind of facial expressions that would make Hitchcock proud:


Rat in the suitcase? Nicole’s not so cool with it.


Not even Roger could soothe Jenni’s jumpiness.


Using live bait is not for the faint of heart.


Campfire games are fun…right?


A spider a day keeps Nicole away…