Caught on gif! Ramon and his ‘catfish,’ loyda, have a knack for revisionist history

If there’s one lesson we learned from last night’s “Catfish,” it’s that not every story of online love is black and white, and the lines between a story’s “good” and “evil” archetypes are often blurrier than we might expect them to be. Ramon, a seemingly lovestruck casino employee from Arizona, appeared to be stunned when he pulled up to the house in which “Paola” resided, only to find a woman named Loyda standing on her front steps, but after some conversational digging, Ramon admitted he’d known — at least to some degree — that Loyda was the woman he’d been talking to all along. Aca-scuse me?

Yup, what started with the surprise-face we’ve all come to expect turned into a tale of he-said, she-said, in which Loyda insisted to Nev and Max that she’d tried to come clean and had told Ramon on three separate occasions that she, not “Paola,” had been speaking to him. Ramon corroborated her story, but said he was never completely convinced. Either way, Max wasn’t amused by the whole thing, and when Ramon copped to his semi-awareness, the filmmaker almost dropped his camera in frustration. Check out all the backtracking in GIF summation!


The big (?) reveal.


Ramon appeared to be unaware of Loyda’s tricks, but his shock wasn’t totally sincere.


There was no way in hell Loyda was going to play the only villain in this “Catfish” story.


The drama was enough to make Max want to pack up and head home for the day.