Caught on gif! Nick and melissa’s meeting plays out like a high school reunion


Nick is shocked when the door swings open and he finally meets Melissa.

First-time reveals on “Catfish” generally amount to shock, pain and/or tears, but for Melissa and Nick on tonight’s episode, it seemed like a classic reunion of old friends. Once Nick spotted his fellow¬†Tila Tequila¬†fan, the two almost immediately entered into a hug that lasted for what seemed like minutes. But with Melissa’s roommate and sorta boyfriend Olin considered, there was some serious old business to attend to before they explored their relationship in person.

While Nick knew Melissa was living with Olin, he wasn’t convinced she really loved him. She couldn’t deny her feelings for Olin, though, and even though she chose to stay committed to him, she assured Nick that he would always have a place in her heart. It wasn’t necessarily what Nick wanted to hear, but he was ultimately glad to have left Iowa with a best friend in Melissa.

Check out Nick and Melissa’s first face-to-face in a series of GIFs!


Nick and Melissa hug like ol’ pals.


Melissa admits she’s moved in with her on-and-off boyfriend, Olin.


Nick’s a bit perturbed by her confession…


However, Melissa’s heart holds a space for Nick.