‘catfish’ sneak peek: will this divorced single dad get screwed by love again?

Love has burned Derek more times than a candle wick, but the army vet and single dad isn’t giving up yet. Ever since he returned to Michigan from overseas, he’s been talking to a girl online named Kristen Whoo, a full-time babysitter from Tampa he met through Facebook. However, once Nev and Max begin investigating the woman’s profile, red flags pop up, and in the sneak peek of the next “Catfish” below, they discover Kristen’s used completely different women — including Vanessa Hudgens — as profile photos.

Derek, who was cheated on by his first wife and dumped by his subsequent fiancé, says he had no idea who Hudgens was, and believed each shot was Kristen. He hasn’t video-chatted with her yet, but says the connection he feels with her over the phone is unlike anything he’s had before. “Even that elation that I felt when I was getting married is nothing compared to the way I feel about her,” he tells the guys, but quickly gets nervous as the evidence against Kristen mounts. Thankfully, though, Max helps put things into perspective: “No matter what happens, this is not going to be scarier than Baghdad.”

Check out the clip, and tune in to the next episode Tuesday night at 10e/7p!