‘catfish’ sneak peek: this identify theft has an astonishing twist

Here’s a creepy thought: What happens when your charming yet mysterious online boyfriend applies for a chance to appear on “Catfish“…using your identity?

Fans of MTV’s beloved reality series are about to find out courtesy of this week’s more-than-fishy episode. In it, Nev Schulman and former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf — who dealt with her own scary online encounter in 2013 — team up to help Courtney, a single mom from Atlanta who fears for her life after her shady online BF Issak sent in an application to the show’s casting staff under her name.

So how does the drama unfold? See what’s in store on this week’s episode:

Nev and Cassidy seem to zero in on the perpetrator.

But just when things seem to be going well, Cassidy gets unnerved.

Something makes Courtney give a serious side-eye.

Cassidy admits that her past isn’t so distant.

And Nev may have finally unlocked the secrets to taking the perfect nap.

See more in the sneak peek video below, and watch the full episode on Wednesday at 10e/7p!