‘catfish’ loyda has tossed her rod in favor of a walk down the aisle [photos]

A tiger may never shed its stripes, but it looks like “Catfish” can be creatures of change. Loyda Beltran, who may or may not have deceived her Internet boyfriend, Ramon, earlier this season, has shelved her virtual tricks and gotten married! Loyda told MTV she met John Albear (who goes by Alex) on a dating site long before she’d ever struck up a relationship with Ramon, and that she and Alex rekindled their romance after her episode finished filming, eventually tying the knot in July.

“He’s just my other half — everything with him is perfect!” Loyda told us. “We just felt it was the right thing to do.” The former “Catfish” said her wedding — which occurred a mere six weeks after he proposed — was her fantasy, complete with a beautiful cake and many loved ones in attendance, including her fan-favorite mother, who thankfully approves of Alex.

“My mom adores my husband,” she said. “They get along very well, and we are actually living with my mom until we can save up some more money and get our own house. On my wedding day she was super nervous — probably more nervous than I was.”

Speaking of nerves, the typically outspoken Loyda said she was a bit apprehensive to come clean about her “Catfish” history, and that Alex initially demanded she cut off communication with Ramon. “It did bother him a little [at first], but now he’s over the whole ordeal and knows Ramon and I still keep in touch here and there as friends. He’s fine with it.”

So how does Ramon feel about the whole thing? “He was probably the third person I told, and he did say congrats,” Loyda said, who added that he sadly couldn’t make the ceremony. “He said he would have loved to, though.”

Check out more photos from Loyda’s big day!


Loyda and her mother ring in the big day.


The bridal party’s all smiles as the festivities begin!