How this catfish got revenge for a high school prank

If you give your friend’s number to a guy — and she doesn’t want him to have your digits — you could wind up a Catfish victim.

During tonight’s brand-new episode of the hit show, Infiniti learned that her best friend Joneille had pretended to be a fella named Dave. The reason: Several years before, when the two were in high school, Infiniti gave Joneille’s phone number to the real Dave without her permission. Now, when Infiniti learned that her pal deceived her, she was stunned by the mischievous act.

“She kinda pranked you, and you wanted to prank her back,” Nev stated.

“Yup, and then it just went a little bit too far,” Joneille admitted.

But Infiniti wasn’t laughing at the scheme — and neither were the sleuths.

That’s not all: The ladies’ friend, a guy named Ray, came forward and pretended to be the fraud, trying to save Joneille from “taking the fall.”

“You took it too far,” Infiniti rightfully stated, while Max chimed in that the whole situation was “juvenile” and he felt like he was back in middle school. Accurate!

But Joneille saw the light and realized what transpired wasn’t so humorous and, for her part, Infiniti was able to accept her apology. While Nev warned that their relationship might not be what it once was, the three month catch-up revealed otherwise: The two were vacationing together in Miami and chuckling about the Dave saga. All’s well that ends well…?

Are you surprised that Infiniti and Joneille are back to their old ways? And what did you think of their story? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catfish on Wednesdays at 10e/7p.