‘catfish’: do you think ramon lied about not knowing paola/loyda’s true identity?

Is it just us, or is Season 2 of “Catfish” getting more unbelievable by the minute? Last night’s thickly woven web of deceit had so many twists and turns, our heads never got a full second to stop spinning! When online sleuths Nev and Max met Ramon, a 19-year-old Arizona casino worker who was so infatuated with his Internet girlfriend, Paola, that he gave her access to his bank account despite never meeting her in person (jaw-dropping moment No. 1), the two detected a few red flags and deemed the case worthy of investigation.

Upon further digging, Nev and Max uncovered the truth: “Paola” was actually someone named Loyda. They promptly headed to Florida with Ramon to confront Loyda, and all three were shocked when she seemed more defensive than apologetic, claiming that Ramon had actually seen her — the real Loyda — multiple times on webcam, but never wanted to hear the truth (jaw-dropping moment  No. 2), so she had backtracked and claimed to be Paola’s cousin. Huh?

As if that wasn’t a big enough curveball, when Nev and Max (who were growing increasingly frustrated by the convoluted story) asked Ramon if there was any merit to Loyda’s claim, he kinda-sorta copped to knowing her identity all along (jaw-dropping moment No. 3).

They say ignorance is bliss, but just how much do you think Ramon really knew about Loyda before seeing her face to face? Share your thoughts in the comments, plus check out the follow-up video below.