‘catfish’ dee pimpen finally gives us a taste of her hip-hop-pop talents [bonus scene]

After an exhaustive Internet search on the most recent “Catfish” episode, neither Nev or Max could find proof that Dee, who duped Keyonnah into thinking she was Bow Wow, made her living as an Atlanta hip-hop artist. The online love detectives were skeptical that Dee actually earned the $10,000 she sent Keyonnah through selling out shows, but in the bonus scene below, Dee aims to silence any doubters with a few choice bars. CAN WE GET A BEAT?!

“I’m working with a lot of major artists right now here in Atlanta,” Dee says in the video-chat session that was filmed after her confrontation with Keyonnah. Dee describes her musical niche as “hip-hop-pop” music — a departure from rap — and before long, dives right into a song. “All eyes on P when I come through / Flexin’ hard, lil’ Pimpen, those muscles.” Dee’s a little worried that the rest of her lyrics might be too risque, but the interviewer gives her the green light to continue, and the profanity race is ON! All we have to say is: NSFW from :42 onward….

Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Dee can hold her own as hip-hop-pop’s pioneer!