‘catfish’ co-creator nev schulman to pen online dating bible

Nev Schulman‘s choice storytelling vehicle began as film, but the “Catfish” host and Internet relationship expert is reportedly tapping into a new medium for his next project. According to Deadline, Nev has secured a book deal with Grand Central Publishing, through which he’ll explore the constantly evolving world of digital dating and the risks associated with it. If you want the best recipes, you turn to “Joy Of Cooking.” If you want to avoid being duped online, “In Real Life” will be your bible.

The book, hitting shelves in fall 2014, will include Nev’s analysis of online dating trends, but will also serve as a journal of sorts in which he’ll share his own experiences of being misled by falsified social media accounts. So if you’re considering getting involved with a stranger on Facebook or elsewhere on the web, you may want to consider putting things on hold until next fall. Think about it: “In Real Life” could mean the difference between finding love and being at the receiving end of slow claps like these.

Think you’ll grab a copy of Nev’s book? Tell us what you hope he covers in it!