‘catfish’ bonus scene: cassie heats things up

Cassie’s experience with online love may have left a sour taste in her mouth, but before her hopes for a future with fiancé Steve were dashed, spice was her #1 flavour. The student who kicked off Season 2 of “Catfish” shared a teary story about how her father was murdered in Haiti, but Cassie hasn’t allowed the incident to chip away at the pride she holds for her heritage, and in the bonus scene below, she treats Nev and Max to one of its famed delicacies, a sauce called pikliz, but not without a warning.

“You need, like, milk or water, because it’s really, really hot,” Cassie cautions her new pals in the video before whipping out her homemade five-alarm concoction and spoon-feeding it to both. “Wow!” is all Nev can manage to say as his taste buds catch fire. Hey: We’re sure anything beats the cheeseburger-and-milkshake routine that’s standard of most road trips. Culture: It’s what’s for dinner!

Watch the clip, and see how Max and Nev fare against the peppery dish.