‘catfish’ artist mike bradley painted a beautiful portrait of teen mom 3 tot nova [photo]

After Nev and Max helped artist Mike Bradley hunt down his “Catfish” on the Season 2 finale, Mike thanked the Internet sleuths by drawing two portraits of them. It was a thoughtful gesture, and now it seems that Mike’s collection of MTV personalities is expanding. After spending a weekend with Briana and Brittany of “Teen Mom 3” (and possibly forming a love connection with the latter), Mike gifted the sisters a beautiful piece of art inspired by the person they treasure most in this world: Briana’s daughter!

“The entire family loves this painting that @bigmike85 did of Nova as a baby ???” Britt tweeted with the photo above of the little lady posing underneath her portrait. If Mike really is courting Nova’s aunt, we think he’s doing a pretty good job of cracking the Dejesus fam’s protective shell. Bonus points for creativity! Nova’s dad, Devoin, could learn a thing or two from this guy…

Check out the pic, and see Mike’s portraits of Nev and Max in this “Catfish” clip: