Carly aquilino’s biggest fan had her face shaved into his hairy back

What happened to the simple days of sending your favorite celeb some glitter-coated fan mail?

Girl Code“‘s outspoken redhead pinkhead, Carly Aquilino, who had audiences cackling as per usual on the show’s Season 3 premiere last night, told Glamour that she absolutely loves interacting with fans over Twitter, but that one particularly hairy social media exchange may have put her off Internet-convos.

“[A guy] tweeted at me, ‘If you retweet me, I’m going to shave your face into my back,’” she began. “And I retweeted like, ‘LOL.’ Within a half hour, it was my face on his back. I wish I had a screenshot of this. His girlfriend shaved my face into his hairy man-back and put red where my hair was. It wasn’t even an artistic thing — it was a smiley face with red hair.” And suddenly, Happy Gilmore signing a woman’s cleavage seems completely tame.


Still, for the most part, Carly says she loves chatting with her followers, who ask her questions on everything from hair maintenance tips to Tinder-etiquette. But there’s one topic she’s always a little wary of diving into.

“The teenage groups just want to talk about their boyfriends because it’s new to them — ‘How do I deal if I just got my heart broken?’ Those are things, unfortunately, that just everybody has to live through. That’s the most devastating thing in your world, so I always feel for them.”

+ Whaddya think of Carly’s…unorthodox…fan interaction? Check out the whole interview, and be sure to tune in to the next “Girl Code” episode Wednesday night at 11/10c!