Carly aquilino gives her fiery locks a pop of blonde! [photo]

When you’re almost as well known for your hair as you are for your hilarious quips, it’s kind of a big deal if you change up your look, so when “Girl Code” vixen Carly Aquilino recently shared a pic of her new, HALF BLONDE (!!!) locks, we were shocked, awed and totally digging it! Bozo the Clown is no more!

Though we’ve heard on “Girl Code” time and again that Carly’s no stranger to swappin’ hairstyles at the drop of a hat (girl used to rock a mohawk, for goodness sake!), this is the first time since she’s charmed her way into our hearts with her deadpan humor and thick New York accent that we’ve actually SEEN evidence of it, and we’ve gotta say, girl looks gooooood. ”Red to blonde ombré…I’m freakin obsessed,” she shared along with the sultry half-selfie above of her new tresses. And while one of Carly’s more famous “Girl Code”-isms involved a note that girls only change their hair when they’re going through some s**t, we bet that whatever prompted this alteration, it was something as awesome as the coif it inspired!

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