Carly aquilino: a barfing heckler once killed my set

Your bad day at work involves the big boss chewing you out over sloppy expense reports, but Carly Aquilino‘s bad day at work means an audience member decorating the front row with puddles of puke. The “Girl Code” comedienne, who got the distinguished honor of being a headliner at this weekend’s New York Comedy Festival alongside pal Jessimae Peluso, talked to the New York Observer before her big set. And when asked about the worst heckler she’s ever had to grapple with, it wasn’t tough for Carly to drum up the bile-soaked memory. “A girl threw up when I was on stage once, and I was like, ‘Oh God, you’re in the front row. Of course you are,’” Carly recalled. “She was sitting there heckling everybody that went up, and I was trying to talk to her, and she just threw up on the table and they moved her out of the club. It was the most distracting heckler in the entire world…It was so gross.”


Thankfully, Carly’s got an iron stomach. Proof? She told the newspaper her favorite date spot is nestled beneath a pair of famous golden arches. “I’m kind of a psycho and I really just love fast food, so I go to McDonald’s,” she said. “Get me McDonald’s and pretty much, I’ll sleep with you. That’s what my boyfriend does — if I’m ever in a bad mood, he just goes and gets me McDonald’s and chocolate, and I’m just like, ‘Thanks, you’re awesome.’” Beats flowers any day! For more from Carly — including why New York will always be her favorite place to perform, her thoughts on online dating and the merits of honesty — check out the full interview, and catch “Girl Code” Wednesday night at 11/10c!