Cardi b’s reaction to her first vma win of 2019 is pure ‘money’

To add to her growing list of Moon Person awards, Cardi B has taken home the trophy for Best Hip Hop for her extravagant, currency-swallowing single, “Money.” at the 2019 VMAs.

She took to the stage and gave out a victorious evil laugh to begin her speech. She danced to the cheers of the fans and then announced that she would do her speech. “I really want to thank my music video team,” she began, before explaining who various members were, explaining one person in particular “edited my stomach and my butt.” She ended her speech with another snickering chuckle that matched the crowd’s own laughs before exiting the stage.

Pretty soon, Cardi will be able to open up a museum for all of her VMA trophies. Tonight alone, she is nominated for five different awards. At last year’s VMAs, she won the trophies for Best New Artist, Best Collaboration (“Dinero” by DJ Khaled and also featuring Jennifer Lopez), and Song Of The Summer (“I Like It” with Bad Bunny and J Balvin).