‘can’t stop this thing we’ve started’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’

Drew and Clare (Ep.1404)

Tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘ came with a few surprises. Some good and some bad. Fresh off a plane from New York; an excited Eli arrived on Clare’s doorstep with the hope of planning their future together. That’s when reality sunk in and Clare knew it was time for her big (baby) secret to go public. Breaking the news to Eli couldn’t have gone worse and to make a bad situation worse, Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Torres had future plans of their own.

Winston wasn’t sitting too pretty in an unexpected love-triangle consisting of him, Miles and Tristan. Now that Triles are dating full-time, Winston has been feeling a little left out but tonight, he fought to get back in.

Zig was fighting for something on tonight’s episode too, his pride. After losing an arm wrestling match to Grace the sleeveless stud was on a mission to do anything to clear his name of the shame.

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Zig was confident that going up against Grace in an arm wrestling match would equal an easy win but he was wrong.

Grace, Maya, Zig (Ep.1404)

Thanks to Tiny’s commentary during filming in the background, Zig was ‘distracted’ and claimed it cause him to lose the match. Either way it didn’t matter anymore because the video was viral by lunch and Zig was the talk of the school.  


Later Zig agreed to let Grace give him a home tattoo as a way of proving his manhood (don’t try this at home kids), but just when she was about to stick it to him, Zig decided getting a home tattoo was stupid and backed out at the last second. 


Zig wasn’t the only one trying to act tough…

Winston decided he was sick of Tristan butting in on his bro time with Miles and ‘accidentally’ punched him in the arm. When Miles realized what Winston was doing he decided it was time to call him out. 


Miles explained how lonely he felt after Maya dumped him and Winston started dating Frankie. Tristan made him happy . Miles promised Winston there was plenty of him to go around and one awkward hug later they were back to being BFFs again. 


Clew’s clock ran out on tonight’s episode along with news of Clare’s pregnancy…

When Drew’s mom caught him researching cribs (cute) he couldn’t hold the secret any longer and just like that Mrs. Torres was calling Clare’s mom and their secret was out. During a parental lecture on how to handle the situation, Clare snapped and ran out to get some air. The realization of having a baby was sinking in and she was running out of time to tell Eli. 

Clare and Drew (Ep.1404)

Clare and Drew decided to ask their best buds, Alli and Dallas, for advice but that didn’t really go too well…


It wasn’t until Clare held a baby in her arms that she finally understood what she had to do…

Clare (Ep.1404)

And she told Eli the truth.


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