Can teen mom 2 leah and corey come to a child support agreement?

Leah and Corey already had one conflict when it came to getting Ali’s wheelchair through his insurance company, and now they’re facing another. On tonight’s “Teen Mom 2” episode, the exes clashed about child support as well as their health-related bills.


The mother of three revealed to her friend Kayla that the family is having difficulty paying off their mounting medical costs — in part due to an out-of-court agreement in which Corey was supposed to pay $200 in child support and take on a bigger chunk of the payments. However, Leah said that her ex is unable to submit the fees on time; as such, she believes his child support responsibilities should be higher. She also said that the lack of consistent money from Corey is causing problems with Jeremy.

“It’s not fair to me, but most importantly, it’s not fair to the girls,” Leah told Kayla. “I didn’t bring the girls into the world on my own. He helped bring them here.”

When Leah tried to speak to Corey about her growing frustrations, the conversation turned heated and prompted Leah to take legal action — specifically, she met with her lawyer to file court papers in order to recalculate the child support agreement and grant her medical rights over Ali. Before getting his notice, Corey told his wife Miranda that he would actually prefer a judge or lawyer to tell him what to pay.


“I mean, if I was a deadbeat dad and I had nothing to do with my kids, yeah, punish me,” Corey said. “But if I’m here doing the best I can, for the time I’ve got them, why punish me for doing that — financially?”

Leah felt she couldn’t come to an agreement with her ex-husband and made the decision to seek legal help. And while Corey seemed frustrated with the plan Leah proposed, he openly admitted that he isn’t against legal involvement to help the duo. But will they be able to settle their differences and come up with a fair agreement that works financially for them both? Share your thoughts below.