Can someone please tell victoria justice what a ‘dongle’ is?

Eye Candy” protagonist Lindy Sampson might be able to dismantle a dozen computer servers before breakfast, but don’t ask show star Victoria Justice to follow suit.

The actress, whose character is a whiz kid in the tech world, recently told MTV News that trying to keep up with Lindy’s detailed vocabulary can be a Herculean feat. And in the interview clip below, Justice explains that one particular term included in the script for Monday night’s episode left her more than a little bit confused.

“The word ‘dongle,’” she begins in the segment. “We keep saying, ‘We need to get the tiny dongle.’ And we were like, ‘Christian [Taylor] — our show runner — what is a dongle? I’ve never heard of this before.’” Uhh, hard to say there, Victoria. Bueller…?

Thankfully, though, Victoria’s not the only one who’s got a tall task, and she explains that one of her co-stars also got tripped up reading lines for “Eye Candy”‘s most recent adventure.

“I felt so bad for Casey [Deidrick] — he had this huge monologue of all these medical terms, and he was talking about the defibrillator and the oxidizing-this and I can’t even remember half the stuff that he was saying,” she recalls.

So, can you help Victoria out with her “dongle” troubles? Tweet her if you’ve got the inside scoop (her request!), and be sure to catch an all-new “Eye Candy” episode Monday night at 10e/7p!