Can scott’s pack really trust malia?

Scott McCall‘s choice to induct Malia Tate into his “Teen Wolf” pack is clearly beneficial — the werecoyote is fearless, aggressive and intuitive. But if he and his pals wind up in a bind, they better hope for a guardian angel, because Malia might not hang around to save ‘em.

On the show’s Season 4 premiere, Malia demonstrated her boldness when she went toe-to-toe with members of The Calaveras — as well as a shadowy desert creature — without a second thought. But when it came time for the crew to devise a plan to rescue Lydia from Araya, an impatient Malia became confused — and urged Scott’s pack to just leave the banshee behind.

“Is that what you would do as a coyote? Leave her for dead?” Kira asked.

“If she was weak and injured, yeah!” answered Malia, who’s spent most of her life as a part of the animal kingdom. “And if hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her.”

At the very least, Malia went on to explain that she would always be in Stiles‘ corner. But she also said that the rest of his friends were more or less on their own. So that makes us wonder: Can Scott and his pals have faith that Malia will eventually come around and have their backs?

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