Can ‘rivals’ champ paula strike gold again? Her partner emily’s feeling iffy [video]

Ostensibly, Paula and Emily are the female “Rivals II” team to beat: Paula has the experience, Emily has the athleticism and both are looking fit as ever. But, like Aneesa and Diem, the two foes play the game using completely different strategies, and fearless Emily voices concern in the pre-“Challenge” interview below about taking on a partner with a defensive personality.

In the video, Em implies that if Walnuts doesn’t grow a backbone, she could very well sink their already unsteady ship. “I’ve always had a little bit of animosity toward her,” says the former “D.C.” resident, also noting that every time she’s been on a season with Paula, the vet has worked her ass off trying to oust her (never to any avail, though). “She plays the game very scared, and I don’t like that…. I don’t think she knows how to handle pressure very well.”

In a moment of complete earnestness, Paula admits that their biggest problem as a team could be her own inability to match Emily’s strengths, but if there’s one thing we know about Paula Walnuts, it’s that she always underestimates herself. Proceed with confidence, ladies — the gold is yours for the taking!

Check out the interview, and place your bets on Paumily: