Can diem and aneesa break their last round elimination curse at the final ‘rivals ii’ jungle? [video]

As far as “The Challenge” goes, Diem and Aneesa are Team Determined, but when it comes to elimination rounds, just call ’em Team Heartbreak. Yes, Aneesa is usually a bosswhen her life is on the line, but throughout the history of the game, each time she or Diem have faced a final elimination round, they’ve gone home. Maybe it’s nerves, maybe it’s crap luck, but these ladies just ain’t clutch.

TJ told Knight and Preston last week that perhaps the only thing worse than being ousted first is being ousted right before the end mission, something these rivals are all too familiar with. Since “Battle of the Sexes” and “Fresh Meat,” respectively, Aneesa and Diem have been booted at the last minute a total of FOUR times, which is about as depressing as it gets. Take a look at the duo’s most crushing cuts below, and tell us if you think they’ll finally break their curse next week!

Diem, “Fresh Meat” — On Diem’s very first “Challenge,” she and partner Derrick came through strong in the game’s final few missions, and won three of the last five. Sadly, when Tina and Kenny got control at the last second, they pitted D&D against Darrell and Aviv in Exile, and Diem was sent packing just before the final race got underway.

Aneesa, “The Duel” — Though Aneesa and Svetlana were the game’s misfits, they successfully outperformed the rest of the cast throughout the season. However, neither could beat Jodi in the penultimate mission, and were forced to go head-to-head for the last spot in the final. Sadly, it didn’t come up roses for Aneesa, whose taste of defeat was particularly sour considering how far she’d come.

Diem, “Duel II — Maybe these ladies should consider avoiding the “Duel” franchise. The game’s final four females decided Diem should have to fight for her life in the final elimination game, and though she had her pick of opponent, she got knocked down by Brittini in “Push Me,” and was sent home.

Aneesa, “Inferno 3” — Aneesa and Paula have gone head-to-head FIVE TIMES (what?!), but the ball just didn’t bounce in Aneesa’s favor in Africa, and though she was inches away from the game’s finish line, she just couldn’t get the job done.