Campaign supernova : who dun it?! (week seven)

degrassi week 7 main image

Degrassi’s Champagine Supernova is closing in on the culprit!

Zoe gave the boys a piece of her mind, and Miles a piece of her fist, but not before letting them in on a very important detail. She hinted at why the two boys would be in trouble together..”Rhymes with Pariah?”

Last week Miles and Zig run into Maya leaving a coffee shop, who appears relieved to see them after being worried when Zig never came home. The last time she saw them Zig was leaving to check on Miles after hearing he was upset about his father winning the mayoral election. Zig has no recollection of this and asks why he went instead of Maya? Miles has an answer to this: “she didn’t want to lead me on”. Zig attempts to give the two a ‘moment’ while Maya tells Miles she likes him a lot, just not in that way. She sent Zig over to avoid anything getting awkward. Unfortunately this situation seems to be more awkward than not..

Miles upset, storms off pulling along Zig who just has to chirp in; ” You’re not gonna cry or anything right, cause it might get kind of awkward. Miles snaps at Zig telling him to get out out of his face. It looks like the boys are finally reaching their limits with each others. Until they find the key they have no other choice!

How You Voted: 

Last week we asked, and we made it easy on you guys as 79% said they were going to find Maya. Who is responsible for locking them together? We are narrowing down, and 33% said Maya while 21% are still convinced it’s Winston.

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