Camila’s ‘challenge’ confession: i think laurel and jordan hooked up last night

The “Challenge Confessions” we’ve posted over the past couple of weeks have revealed some of the players’ deepest, darkest (and sexiest!) secrets from games past, but the final clip of the bunch involves a possible incident we haven’t even seen yet! When our crew sat down with Camila at the start of “Free Agents” filming in Uruguay, she didn’t waste time getting all nostalgic about previous seasons. Instead, she sounded off on the funny business that went down during the last 24 hours.

“I really believe that Jordan and Laurel slept together yesterday,” Camila reveals in the video below, with a caveat that there’s a slight chance she could be wrong. “I’m not sure about it, so don’t quote me.” FAMOUS LAST WORDS. Really, Camila, OF COURSE were were going to quote you!

They say opposites attract, but in Jordan and Laurel’s case, a shared crazy-competitive side might have brought the cocky cast members together. Share your thoughts on the two potentially becoming an item, watch our whole collection of “Challenge Confessions” and tune in for the “Free Agents” premiere this Thursday night at 10e/7p!