Camila cabello hasn’t spoken to anyone in fifth harmony since she left

Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony with the best of intentions: to strike out on her own after years of feeling creatively stifled in the group. She figured that even though she was separating from the girls professionally, she’d be able to keep in touch personally. But it doesn’t sound like it was quite that easy.

In a new cover interview with Billboard, Cabello reveals that she hasn’t actually spoken to Lauren, Ally, Dinah Jane, or Normani since she quit Fifth Harmony in December.

Or rather, they haven’t spoken to her. She told Billboard she’d reached out to her former bandmates, but that she wasn’t able to get in touch with any of them. “It was really intense and it’s hard for me to talk about,” Cabello said. “It makes me sad … I hoped that it would be a peaceful turning of the page and we would root for each other. But I only got love for them.”

On the bright side, Cabello’s hard at work on her first solo release, which the story says will incorporate elements of R&B and Cuban music. There’s a silver lining to every breakup.