‘caged’: which fighter has the best chance of getting signed?

We’ve asked if you thought Danger could go pro, or if Wes has what it takes to make it big, and next week on “Caged,” we just might get the answers we’ve been waiting for. The two fighters and Daniel have taken three different paths in the MMA circuit, but they all have the same shot of getting signed when a UFC legend makes his way to town in search of new talent.

After laying down the groundwork for a new gym and tighter team, MMA trainer Christian told the guys that the opportunity they’ve waited for is headed to Minden in the form of Tito Ortiz, who’s ready to shell out pro-fighting contracts. For Danger and Tony, who just came off of championship wins, the timing couldn’t be better, but for Wes, who was DQed from his last fight for not making weight, and Daniel, who’s been out of commission as consequence to sickness, it just seems unlucky. Either way, as Christian pointed out, the guys’ fate might come down to just one fight, and whether it follows a handful of wins or some tough losses, that one fight might be the only deciding factor. “Right now, we’re scraping by doing things we hate to do,” he preached. “This next fight could define you.”

+ What do you think? Could “Golden Boy” Daniel pull himself together in time to impress? Will Wes get his act together and let his true potential shine? Can Danger keep his winning streak alive? Tell us who you think has the best chance of impressing Ortiz, making it big and leaving Minden in his dust.