‘caged’ finale: which fighter changed the most?

What started with three guys trying to break out of small town monotony on “Caged” ended with a series of season-ending dogfights, relationship resolutions and two pro contracts, courtesy of UFC legend Tito Ortiz. That’s right: Danger and Tony are now pro fighters and are headed to California to live out their dreams.

Over the course of 10 episodes, Matt, Daniel and Wes progressed tremendously along a trio of very different paths. Daniel, who started the season mourning the loss of his deceased girlfriend, finally found a way to move on to a new relationship and discover an identity outside of Minden’s “Golden Boy” prototype. Wes and Red saw some nasty road bumps across a back-and-forth-relationship road, but both found a way to stay amicable for their son. Plus, Red finally passed her nursing test, and Wes–who was infamous for not making weight–developed into one of the most disciplined fighters at Ring Rulers’ disposal. Lastly, Danger, who spent the season trying to extract his mother from alcohol and depression, saw his hard work pay off when she refused to drink at his final fight. And there will be plenty more for her to watch, as she proudly saw her son cement his dreams with an invite to go pro.

+ So, tell us–who do you think changed the most? Check out what Danger and Wes shared with Remote Control about seeing themselves on the series.

Wes: “It was kinda crazy seeing myself on TV! You’ve just gotta keep reminding your self to stay grounded and humble–You just see that you need to keep working and not let people tell you that you can’t do something, because you can do anything you set your mind to!

I really wanted to get my music out there, and since the show, I have signed a rap deal. I’m still working on my music and taking care of my baby boy! He’s a handful but he’s my life!”

Danger: “Seeing the show after working on it for so long was a great experience. It was interesting watching myself from another point of view–of course, I’m my own biggest critic, so watching my fights made realize that I had plenty of things to work on.

California has been an amazing experience. Tito and the rest of Team Punishment have made me part of their family and really taken good care of me. I’ve trained with awesome dudes and will always cherish this opportunity that was given to me. My mother is doing really well, too–she sold her house and finalized her divorce. She’s very happy and is looking forward to starting a new life.”