“buckwild” stars share secrets behind the show’s stunts

One of the highlights of the premiere episode of MTV’s “Buckwild” — other than Anna nearly losing her pants during a fight with her neighbour — was the wanton disregard breakout star Shain Gandee showed for his body… and we’re not just talking about the copious cans of Natty Light he put down.

No, in just one episode, the man dubbed “Gandee Candy” (because “it’s trick or treat all year ’round!”) swam by a nuclear power plant, leapt off a bridge, went mudding without a seatbelt, ran errands on an ATV, hung out with a dude named “Blue Foot” (always hazardous to your health) and, in one epic scene, packed himself inside a tire and was sent tumbling down a hill, spinal-cord injuries be damned.

So when Gandee and fellow “Buckwild” star Shae Bradley left Sissonville, West Virginia to pay a visit to MTV News headquarters in New York, we had to ask them about Shain’s death-defying tire stunt. And, as it turns out, he wasn’t just doing it for the sake of the cameras.

“The tire roll was pretty awesome; I just got done eating like 14 hot wings before I got in it, too. And I was the only one that did it. It tell you what, it was awesome though,” Gandee laughed. “There wasn’t much thinking, it was just like ‘Sky, grass, sky, grass. Oh god, I’m bouncing! Knees hit me in the face!’ My legs started sprawling out, my back’s at 45 different angles, and then it just flops you out on the ground.”

“I thought he was dead. I really thought he was dead,” Bradley added. “Shain’s an animal. I would say he’s not human. I don’t know how he makes it through that stuff.”

What will Shain survive next? Find out on the next episodes of MTV’s “Buckwild,” airing back-to-back on Thursday, beginning at 10e/p.

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