“buckwild” sneak peek: joey and jesse b. Get two very different lickings

After a while, the go-to birthday tradition of cake and ice cream can get pretty stale. So when store-bought frosting just doesn’t do it for you anymore, why not celebrate by feasting on your dear friend’s torso? In the sneak peek of tonight’s all-new “BUCKWILD” episodes, newly single Shae makes a salt lick out of Joey (happy birthday to him) and consequently tasks him with writing the weirdest thank-you note in the history of party decorum.

It’s not all fun and games, though. In the clip, Ashley’s insistence that Jesse J. tried to hook up with her finally breaks Shae, who splits from her beau in a pretty dramatic fashion. Not to be outdone, Jesse B. keeps the drama alive for his namesake by throwing down the gauntlet with Tyler. “If I push you right now, you’re gonna land on your f***ing ass,” Tyler insists before pushing then punching Jesse, who proves Tyler wrong by remaining upright. THE DEFIANCE!

Check out the video below, and tune in to two brand-new “BUCKWILD” episodes, tonight at 10e/p!