“buckwild”: should katie consider dating tyler?

Was that a spark we saw fly through the stable on last night’s “BUCKWILD”Katie invited former hook-up buddies Cara and Tyler horse-riding to prepare for the gang’s epic bull riding session, but she got a little bit more than she bargained for after mounting her great steed. Katie caught Tyler’s fancy as soon as she started trotting along, and dare we say, we think we sensed some chemistry! She initially seemed resistant to seeing Tyler in a romantic light, but perhaps she should consider it… ? He is the group heartthrob, after all.

Later, Katie chickened out of riding the bull at the local fair and Tyler consoled his damsel in distress, noting she probably shouldn’t mess up her pretty little face anyway. But the real romantic clincher came when the girls were forced to cook dinner in their lingerie. Tyler was completely entranced by the scantily clad Katie, mostly because she outright asked “Whose boobs are bigger?” while sitting next to Anna. But we digress…

Should Katie consider hooking up with her friend’s former fling? Tell us what you think!