‘buckwild’ mid-season recap: in which we tally sissonville’s many hookups and throwdowns

Only three weeks have passed since we were introduced to the mud-pit wrestling and down-the-lane hollerin’ that’s standard of Sissonville, so it’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the inaugural season of “BUCKWILD.” We’ve borne witness to many punches being thrown, not to mention the second coming of Karma, but trust us–there’s still plenty o’ crazy to come. Here’s what’s gone down so far:

As soon as college student Cara agreed to live with new friends Anna and Ashley for the summer, the group’s guys turned into sad, little lovesick puppies over the fresh meat. Shain was the first to make his Cara-crush clear (after surviving a tire-themed amusement park ride of his own design), but Tyler ultimately won her over. After the couple sealed the deal in Anna’s bed, a major girl fight got underway.

That wasn’t the first (or last) time the girls saw drama. Only a few nights before, an argument between Anna and a neighbor escalated to an altercation that got the girls evicted. After they managed to find a new pad, Shae found herself at odds with Salwa, who claimed Shae’s boyfriend, Jesse J., had tried to hook up with her. Shae stuck by her boyfriend’s side (after Salwa called her a “dumb bitch”) until Ashley admitted she’d been propositioned by Jesse J., too. That was enough for Shae to break it off with her beau, just in time to give her recent crush, Joey, quite the birthday treat.

When things between Tyler and Cara cooled off–and Tyler’s crush from the highlighter party didn’t amount to much–the group’s pretty boy found himself with some spare time and, evidently, aggression. After a sloppy Jesse B. crashed the girls’ house party and starting harassing Salwa, Tyler jumped into action and knocked him out cold. Jesse B. fled the house (bloody tail between his legs) to a chorus of jeers from the whole crew. Youch.

So, what are your “BUCKWILD” predictions for the rest of the season? Catch the mid-season trailer below, and tune in for two all-new episodes, Thursday night at 10e/p!