“buckwild” finale: who’s your ideal muddin’ mate?

The sun has set on Sissonville — at least for the time being — and it’ll be an agonizing wait before the “BUCKWILD” kids are back to their old tricks. Since lingering drama is no good for anyone, we were relieved that by the time Shain and Cara finally kissed (WELL DONE, MAN!), the lane-dwellers were all able to put aside their differences and raise a glass (or a skinned squirrel, in Katie’s case) to a perfectly wild summer. And while they’re all fun-loving kids, we have to ask: Which cast member would you most want to make your pal?

Though the gang blended well together, there’s no doubt they had their identifiable differences. Ashley and Shain were always the first to ride the bull or become human slingshots, but Katie was more likely to touch up her French tips before putting herself in the line of fire. Anna held the group together and Shae was a true sweetheart (well, until she’d been wronged), while Joey was plain ol’ girl-crazy and Tyler simply couldn’t keep it in his pants, causing many a hard feeling. As for Cara and Salwa, there were few dares they didn’t accept, with many topless moments serving as testament to their spontaneity. So tell us: Which “BUCKWILD” cast member would you want as your muddin’ co-pilot? Sound off in the comments!