“buckwild”: does shain need to give up on pursuing cara?

Poor, poor Shain. Sissonville’s most endearing redneck has been after Cara since she came to town, but it became all too clear during tonight’s back-to-back “BUCKWILD” episodes that a romance just wasn’t in the cards for them. Every time Gandee Candy tried to put forth his best Rico Suave, something interfered, and ultimately, it looked like he’d only ever find love from his trucks and his truffle-making grannies.

Shain first tried to get with Cara on the gang’s camping trip, but the resident city girl was too fixated on Tyler — her former fling — and all the moves he was putting on Katie. Shain couldn’t even win on his home turf, as a house party back in Sissonville turned into a reunion for Cara and her ex-girlfriend. On his final attempt, which involved scaring Cara into his arms, Shain’s efforts nearly payed off, but his mother took her graveyard monster role a little too seriously and served as the final nail in the c**kblock coffin. And the three strike rule claims another victim.

What do you think, should Shain keep trying with Cara, or is it time to throw in the towel?