“buckwild”: do shae and joey have the makings of a real relationship?

Breakups: Not always such a bitch! In Shae’s case, it meant letting loose and finally hooking up with a guy she’d secretly had her eye on–Mr. Bieber bangs, a.k.a Joey.

After collecting her things from Jesse J.’s place on last night’s “BUCKWILD,” Shae let her single flag fly by making quite a scene at Joey’s birthday party. Sissonville’s hottest blonde got some sinister ideas when Anna let everyone know the house was fully stocked with Shae’s favourite snack–apple butter. Within minutes, Shae was licking it off of Joey’s chest. Then, the single-serving couple topped off a moonlight four-wheeler ride with a roll in the hay… twin bed. However, when daybreak came, Shae told the girls that she didn’t know if she and Joey could be in a full-blown relationship. Hmm, perhaps she was just being coy? After all, she did spend the previous night singing Joey’s praises.

Whaddya think–are we looking at West Virginia’s newest lovebirds, or was this nothing more than a one-night stand?