“buckwild” cheating scandal! Who should shae believe?

West Virginia’s woods run deep, but not quite enough to escape the he said/she said social gossip. Though Shae is head over heels for on-again boyfriend Jessie J., her gal pals aren’t so much on board with the guy–let’s just say he’s the oil to their “BUCKWILD” water. As Ashley pointed out: “Shain doesn’t really like Jesse, and Shain likes everyone!” And when rumours started spreading that Jessie has a wandering eye, the girls could no longer keep quiet.

At Salwa’s house, Ashley sat Shae down over a chili dinner and told her that Jessie tried to get her into bed at a recent party. Ash said that when she didn’t oblige, Jessie moved on to Salwa, and asked her to meet him in the bathroom. Shae didn’t know who to believe, but after hashing things out with Jessie, she sided with her beau, and told Salwa outside a wings joint days later that her story didn’t seem real. “You’re acting like a dumb bitch right now,” Salwa, visibly insulted, fired back. This is sure to make the gang’s next mud-wrestling outing a little more heated…

Whaddya think–are the girls right, and is Jessie J. wrong for Shae, or do Ashley and Salwa need to keep quiet and leave the couple alone?