Brooklyn 11223: episode 3 recap

By: David Robert | @DavidRobert, with Liz Out Loud.

April 10, 2012Oh boy, kids. A storm is coming, a storm is coming! And I’m not talking about Hurricane Irene. Nope, this storm is between my girls Angelina and Christie. And don’t worry there is plenty of wrath to go around the 11223. Ready? Let’s go!

The episode takes place in the days before Hurricane Irene, which spread over the East Coast last August and forced the Mayor to shut down all public transportation in New York City. (This really, when you think about it, doesn’t affect the cast of Brooklyn 11223 because they never leave their neighborhood anyway.) Angelina visits everyone’s favorite place, the glass shop, where she tells Mayor Nicky Beans and his second in command, his brother Chris, about how angry Christie is with Angelina. Nick, ever the gentleman, tells Angelina she should slap Christie.

As Angelina talks to a clearly disinterested Nick about her fight with Christie, Nick is texting away. We find out later he was texting Christie to tell her that Angelina was talking sh*t about her. He’s worse than a high school girl! Doesn’t he know Christie has an ulcer??? Just keep stirring that pot, Nick.

Because it is daytime and she doesn’t have anything else to do, Valona visits Joey Lynn at the No Quarter Tavern. Valona needs a job, so Joey Lynn teaches her how to sling drinks behind the bar. Valona insists she is a go-getter and will do anything to make a dime, except for stripping and prostituting.

The sun sets and we go over to Amanda’s house, who-shocker-also still lives with her parents! She and Valona are getting ready to go out. Amanda is furious at her boyfriend Sal, who calls to say he is going to be late. Her father is all, he’s a loser, get rid of him. And she’s all, Dad, leave me alone! And I’m all, Amanda, move out of his house! Amanda and Valona head over to the most romantic spot on Earth, Coney Island. Sal finally shows up with his pal and he proceeds to get all kissy kissy with Amanda. They take a spin in the bumper cars (I told you it was romantic) and everyone laughs and laughs and laughs. The calm before the storm, I tell you!

The sun rises and now it’s just one day before the hurricane. Joey Lynn stops by the glass shop because she’s been friends with Chris forevs and she alludes to the fact that she used to date Nick. I think. The boys gossip about Angelina and Christie. Chris tells us that he doesn’t think Joey Lynn slept with Christie’s ex Roberto because she wasn’t a slut back then. What a good friend he is to defend Joey Lynn’s character! He then also says Joey Lynn is very attractive, especially how that she got a boob job. He wants her to date Nick because why should you ever meet someone outside the nabe?

Meanwhile, Angelina visits another member of Christie’s crew, Jen, at her place of employment, Pizza D’Amore. Angelina is all, I don’t ever want to talk to Christie again. Jen is all, this is stupid, get over it, we’re all going to Coney Island tonight. Angelina is all, I’ll only talk to Christie if she apologizes. Oh, the dramz!

After Angelina leaves, Jen calls Christie to ask her if she’s going to Coney Island. She says she will go but she won’t talk to Angelina. At least they’re both on the same page! You can tell Jen hates being in the middle, but she also realizes it’s all ridiculous. Sanity, thy name is Jen.

Next stop is Joey Lynn’s apartment where she lives with her mother Lori and her sister Nicole. Nick had texted her to invite her out to dinner, but as she’s waiting for him he calls to tell her he will be late. He says he has to be at the shop late and then get his haircut (which will take an hour) so he won’t be ready until 10pm. This makes me laugh and laugh and laugh because 1) Nick already has a buzz cut and 2) he never takes that Yankees hat off his head anyway! Joey Lynn agrees that this is a LAME excuse so she goes out to dinner with her mother and sister instead, where we find out that Lori got a tramp stamp at age 40. Party time!

Now it’s time for the second showdown at the Coney Island Corral. Angelina and Jen head to the park with Chris and Angelina’s boyfriend Anthony. Christie and Matt show up, but Christie and Angelina completely ignore each other. Everyone goes on the Wonder Wheel except for Christie. Matt hops in a cage with Chris and Jen. Chris puffs on a ciggie while they go round and round. Man, them and their smokes!

Meanwhile, Joey Lynn and her mother and sister arrive back home. Mom is too wasted to open the door, so Joey Lynn handles it. Mom wants her to look beyond the nabe for a boyfriend because she’s better than this. Joey Lynn says that she may just check out the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Do it! It’s near Wall Street and there are lots of cute boys there.

Back at Coney Island, Jen is trying to convince Christie and Angelina to make up. She finally gets them to do a group hug, though Christie won’t even look in Angelina’s eyes. Nick conveniently shows up, and the two girls agree to talk since he was the source of the gossip in the first place. Angelina admits that she called Christie a liar and a snake, but never a pig, which is what Nick told Christie. Nick’s all, I forgot what I said. Oh, shady! And then Christie is all, I don’t want to be friends with someone who called me a snake and a liar.

In the end, they don’t resolve anything. The two storms have collided with damage done to their friendship. Who knows what can be salvaged!

‘Till next time.