Should brianna take danae back after their explosive young and pregnant fight?

Brianna and Danae have been fighting more and more since Baby Braeson’s birth on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant — so is a breakup in their future?

As we learned on this week’s instalment, an off-camera argument got so heated that Bri called the police and kicked Danae out.

“Me and Brianna, we got into it,” Danae recalled of the fight. “It just escalated and her mom got involved, just name-calling and stupid-ass sh*t. It was irritating. At the end of the day, it was her mom. She just went to a whole other level.”

As a result, Jessica permanently banned Danae from her home, and both of Braeson’s parents contemplated ending things for good.

However, despite saying in the heat of the moment that she never wanted to see her beau again, Brianna joined Danae for the night at his hotel and admitted she wanted their relationship to “go with the flow.”

“I feel like last night, even if it was one night away, it really helped us realize that despite all the fighting, we really do want to be together. I really do love you — I do,” she said.

Later, Jess expressed her disappointment and told Brianna that if she stays with Danae, it’s probably best that she moves out too. “If I make you stay here, you’re not going to follow my rules,” she cried.

Do you think Brianna should take Danae back? Or were her mom and sister correct when they once said he isn’t going to change? Sound off in the comments, and keep tuning into Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10e/7p.