Brett davern looks especially ‘dazed and confused’ with his new fu manchu ‘stache’

Former Palos Hills High School class president Jake Rosati is as clean-cut as they come, but Brett Davern, the actor behind the “Awkward” BMOC, has decided to scruff things up a bit. In a new photo Instagrammed by co-star Molly Tarlov, Brett has literally let his perfectly coiffed ‘do down and grown a delightfully antiquated Fu Manchu mustache to match. If you can’t picture him saying “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older,they stay the same age” à la Matthew McConaughey in “Dazed And Confused,” then you’ve got one pretty epic classic film to revisit, friends.

“Send help,” Molly rightfully posted with the shot, which features her pal lunging at the camera with the machismo of a ’70s porn star. Not since Tyler Posey of “Teen Wolf” sprouted a little something on his upper lip have we been as impressed with an MTV actor’s facial hair, even if Brett is a little late on the Movember train.

Check out the photo, and tell us if you can see Jake taking on Brett’s new style!

Brett Davern