Breaking down the 5 biggest ‘are you the one? ’ meltdowns (so far)

Being surrounded by 19 strangers with extremely different personalities while a million dollars lays on the line is bound to make anyone go a little bonkers. Throw in the not-so-minor detail that one of those folks could be your soul mate, and all bets are off. While time is ticking for the “Are You the One?” housemates to secure their 10 perfect pairs, catfights, sob fests and screaming matches have become the norm. Re-watch the five most major “AYTO” meltdowns in all their cray glory, and catch more drama tonight at 11/10c!

Adam‘s Expletive-Laced Freakout

The Most Memorable Meltdown award goes to Adam, who practically popped a blood vessel after Brittany refused to acknowledge his lack of interest in her for the 500th time. Note how Paige nearly needed to retrieve her jaw from the floor – yeah, that was us, too. So. Many. Curse. Words.

Shanley and Simone‘s Catfight

Simone’s grand scheme to separate Truth Booth failures Shanley and Chris blew up in her face when it actually worked, causing Shanley to come completely unhinged. Simone let the sass fly at the heartbroken brunette, just before both girls had to have their claws restrained.

Kayla‘s Jealousy-Induced Tantrum

When sweet, sensitive Ryan left to comfort an anxiety-ridden Jessica after the aforementioned Shanley/Simone sh**storm, Kayla shocked us all by knocking over a perfectly good beverage and bursting into tears. Despite Kayla’s confusion over who she likes more — Ryan! Wes! Ryan’s journals! No, Wes’ muscles! — she made it crystal clear she wanted all of Ryan’s attention in that very moment (and not the Jess consolation leftovers).

Simone and Jacy‘s Bilingual Blowup

Simone may not be the most graceful competitor when it comes to matters of the heart, which she swiftly revealed upon learning that her former hookup JJ was falling for Jacy. With Simone insulting Jacy’s “dirty, horseback-lookin’ ass” (we don’t get it, either) and Jacy spewing something probably pretty vicious in Spanish, this was a catfight of epic proportions.

Ryan’s Anxious Journal Hunt

When Ryan’s journals were stolen, he all but turned the house upside down in a desperate search to find them. When fellow journaler Kayla retreated with Ryan into a treehouse, she confessed that Dre was the mastermind behind the dirty diary prank…and, needless to say, Ryan got his notebooks back. Whew.