‘breaking dawn – part 2’: top 10 moments of 2012

After so many years dominated by all things “Twilight” here at MTV News, we still can’t really believe it’s all over. Nevertheless, 2012 was a long goodbye to our favorite vampires, werewolves and the fan frenzy that surrounded the release of the final film in the saga, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” And because we still can’t quite let go of Stephenie Meyer’s addictive and well-crafted world, here’s a list of our 10 favorite “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”-related moments this year.

The Last First Trailer

In March we were treated to the last first teaser trailer for a “Twlight” movie and it was noteworthy for several reasons: it debuted in front of its likely superstar franchise successor “The Hunger Games” and it was the first glimpse fans received of Bella as a vampire, along with Edward and Jacob’s reactions.

The Final Poster

The powers that be that are in charge of all the “Twilight” posters have kept things simple over the years, using subtle imagery and font to set and tease the tone for all five films, i.e. there has been a lot of Bella, Edward, Jacob etc. standing around and glaring. Thankfully, with the final poster, we were treated to something different by way of an actual action shot and a bunch of new vampire friends.

The Soundtrack Track List is Unveiled

Fans were especially excited about the official track listing for the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” soundtrack, which have always sold very well and often include a collection of soon-to-be-famous, up-and-coming bands. The final soundtrack boasted both big names and small like Green Day, Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, a song by star Nikki Reed and hubby Paul McDonald and repeat contributors St. Vincent and Christina Perri.

‘Breaking Dawn’ at the Movie Awards

Although they didn’t go home with the most awards at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, the “Twilight” cast took home two of the most coveted Golden Popcorn trophies for Movie of the Year and Best Kiss. Those victories marked the fourth year in a row “The Twilight Saga” has won both awards and we’re betting they might have a shot at a five-peat for next year.

Secrets and Sex Revealed at Comic-Con

In returning to the familiar surroundings of San Diego Comic-Con last summer, the massive pop culture event that had people talking “Twilight” in a major way after their first appearance there in 2008, the “Breaking Dawn” cast and crew were up to their old tricks of teasing their fans with talk of a particularly epic sex scene between Bella and Edward: “In [‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’], we just wanted it to be animals, you’re not humans anymore,” Kristen Stewart said.

The ‘Twilight’ Book Club With ’50 Shades of Grey’

During our last “Twilight”-themed Comic-Con Takeover special, we asked Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson if they had caught up with the “Twilight”-spawned 2012 sensation “50 Shades of Grey” by reading it or forming some sort of book club. Pattinson delighted everyone by entertaining the idea. “I’d just sit there and lick the pages,” he joked, which sent Stewart and Lautner into a fit of giggles.

The Twi-Fight Saga

What better way to keep the pre-release momentum for “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” going than by having its very dedicated and opinionated fanbase cast their votes for the Best. “Twilight.” Character. Ever. via our epic Twi-Fight Saga? Millions of votes were cast in a surprisingly heated contest which came to a close with the victory of Edward Cullen and a hilarious acceptance from Pattinson himself.

Our final sit-downs with the three stars

As is always the case anytime MTV News sits down with the three leading stars of this crazy popular franchise, our final MTV First with Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner was full of laughs, harrowing retrospectives from our video archives and Stewart’s admission that her favorite scene in the film is when Lautner’s character Jacob strips down to his skivvies in front of Bella’s dad Charlie (Billy Burke).

The Premiere

Nothing is better than seeing your favorite stars of your favorite films all together and all dressed up for a glamorous Hollywood premiere. The “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” cast did not disappoint with the massive celebration held in their honor in Los Angeles in November, complete with a four hour-long black carpet and a star-studded, exquisitely decorated after party.

The Plot Twist

The best part about the film’s heavily guarded and totally shocking-yet-satisfying twist toward the end of the film is that it wasn’t spoiled ahead of time. Blood was spilled, heads were severed and the audiences loved every minute of it. Thank you screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Bill Condon for your clever, sneaky ways!