Bradley cooper shuts down taylor swift dating rumors: ‘complete horsesh-t’

Did you ever hear the rumor that Taylor Swift “begged” Jennifer Lawrence to hook her up with Bradley Cooper? Darling, that was some horsesh-t dressed like a daydream pile of horsesh-t.

Cooper busted that myth himself during a visit to “The Howard Stern Show” on Tuesday (January 6).

When Howard asked Bradley if Taylor had ever thrown herself at his feet, the “American Sniper” star said that such a thing never happened: “Complete horsesh-t… Never got a call. Nothing.”

That didn’t stop the SiriusXM host from shipping Bradlor Swooper: “I can tell physically,” he told the actor, “you would make beautiful children together.”

I’d be inclined to believe Howard full stop, but my extensive scientific research on MorphThing has thus far proved inconclusive.

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