Boys like girls declare death to ‘disco’ on crazy world

In early 2011, Boys Like Girls decided it was time to take a break. Of course, that decision had less to do with a lack of inspiration — they’d just finished writing the follow-up to 2009’s Love Drunk album — as it did sheer frustration. The way they saw it, there was no longer a place for the kind of music they wanted to make, so rather than play along (and ditch the guitars), they just called it a day.

“I think we took a break because the music industry had sort of moved on to dance, and it was scary for a rock band. At the tail end of our last record cycle, our last single, radio stations were like, ‘We love it, we just want a mix without guitars,’ ” frontman Martin Johnson explained. “And you can’t change the way music is going, so how do we make this work? How do we put out a record that stays relevant for our fans and stays relevant for us? It was tough. We wrote a record and it didn’t feel true to the band, so we threw it out. And so we took a little minute.”

That little minute would last until the end of the year, when BLG reconvened and once again began work on a new album. Recharged by the time away — not to mention determined to do things their way — they found the sessions to be more inspiring than ever. The end result isCrazy World, an album that splits the difference between rock and dance (not to mention pop and a little hip-hop) but is most certainly, dare we say, defiantly not ready for the club.

“I started writing some songs — we all kind of did our own thing for a while. I went to Nashville and ended up writing the record that ended up being Crazy World,” Johnson said. “We’re really excited about it. We really feel like we kind of found a way to make the identity work and still be able to play our instruments and not become a disco band.”

Fans can get a taste of Crazy World on a teaser EP (due July 17) that features a trio of songs from the full-length, which will be in stores this fall. The EP includes first single “Be Your Everything,” a prime example of past pop explorations and a preview of where they’re headed in 2012. But no matter how you choose to describe the song, BLG aren’t ready to call it a comeback… at least not yet.

“We played the record for a bunch of people when we were done, and it was a song people really reacted to, because it felt more familiar to the old sound of Boys Like Girls, and a really cool transition into other things we’re doing deeper on the record,” Johnson explained. “I don’t know if you’d call it our comeback single, but I hope [it is]!

It’s not a comeback until it’s a comeback. We were gone for two and a half years, [and] we’re not that old, but it’s cool to be back and playing shows. It’s going to be exciting.”