These eric matthews quotes will help you survive the back-to-school blues

With the new school year quickly approaching, students could use some much-needed laughter. And who better to do that than Plays With Squirrels Eric Matthews from “Boy Meets World“? He’ll help you get back into that school mode.

1. When you finally go outside after staying indoors all summer long

Boy Meets World

2. When you walk into your class and see friends you haven’t seen in three months


3. When you go by a different name than what’s on the teacher’s roll call sheet

Boy Meets World

4. When you forgot everything you learned the year before

Eric Matthews Boy Meets World

5. When your handwriting and spelling skills have seriously dropped since the summer began

Boy Meets World Eric

6. When your friends ask if you had a summer fling

Eric Matthews - Boy Meets World

7. When you’re toying with the idea of joining the Debate Club this year


8. When you walk into your math class


9. When you overhear younger kids complaining about “all their homework”

Eric Matthews Boy Meets World

10. When you see a potentional new bae in the school hallway

Eric Matthews

11. When you realize it’s time to start thinking about your plans for after graduation

Boy Meets World

12. And finally, when you desperately wish school was as carefree as summer

Eric Matthews Boy Meets World