Ben savage summons all the throwback ‘boy meets world’ feels with this one tweet

Boy Meets World” wrapped up its series FIFTEEN years ago, but the show has never really died. For starters, Disney created the successful spin-off series “Girl Meets World” last summer, bringing back numerous BMW original cast members.

Plus, the fan base remains just as strong today, as it did 15 years ago. We still laugh at all of Eric’s insane moments (“So I said to myself, Kyle…”) as well as bawl our eyes out when things go south for the characters — no matter how many times we’ve seen the episodes. Exhibit A: Chet Hunter’s death.

Chet Hunter's Death

Last Friday (July 10), Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) shared this photo on Twitter of himself and fellow GMW cast member Sabrina Carpenter (Maya Hart) relaxing in between takes.

You’re probably thinking, “Aw, that’s cute, but so what?” Well, did you happen to notice his shirt? It’s a quote from Mr. Feeny’s final monologue on BMW. Since Cory Matthews grew up to become a teacher on GMW, this shows he (and consequently, Ben Savage) took Mr. Feeny’s words to heart.

BRB, just sobbing buckets over here. 😭

It’s been quite an amazing thing to see GMW be as successful as it is. It stays true to the heart and soul of the original, but manages to take its own spin on the characters’ stories. This is all of us right now.

Cory Matthews