No one misses high school as much as blink-182 in the ‘bored to death’ video

Blnk-182 are back with their first new video since Tom DeLonge skipped town to uncover the truth about UFOS.

“Bored to Death” follows a day in the life of a punk rock teen who skips class to cause mayhem with his very best friends. The video’s protagonist moshes through a record store, breaks into a stranger’s pool, and sneaks up to a Blink show in a tiny venue — or at least that’s what he’s fantasizing about while he’s zoning out in class.

The pop-punk veterans have always spoken deep from within their inner teens, and “Bored to Death” is no exception. The band formed 24 years ago, meaning that Blink-182 as an entity isn’t even a teen anymore.

That and the band’s recent lineup change (from DeLonge to Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba) casts a melancholy shadow over their new work that the “Bored to Death” video captures perfectly. High school can’t last forever.